Five actions retail supply chains can take to navigate the coronavirus pandemic – McKinsey & Company

Written by Manik Aryapadi, Vishhwa Chandra, Ashutosh Dekhne, Kenza Haddiouni, Tim Lange and Kumar Venkataraman

As the coronavirus outbreak has spread and its humanitarian impact has grown, retailers have stepped up their efforts to provide consumers with essential goods and to protect the health and well-being of the communities they serve. Particular challenges have arisen in global retail supply chains, where the pandemic’s far-reaching effects have weighed heavily on the health and well-being of employees and jeopardized livelihoods and economic lifelines in many communities.

Retailers are now taking extraordinary measures to keep goods moving to store shelves and consumers’ doorsteps. Supply-chain leaders are creating transparency and building rapid-response capabilities to mitigate the short-term fallout from the crisis. We focus in this article on the five actions retailers are taking to resolve the immediate challenges that COVID-19 presents to supply-chain workers, business partners, and operations. (In a subsequent article, we will examine how supply-chain leaders at retail companies can chart a path to the next normal, building resilience and returning the supply chain to full effectiveness while reimagining and reforming supply-chain operations to improve their performance.)

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By Valerie Barrios
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