Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus – Harvard Business Review

Written by Alan Cantor

During this time of dislocation, fear, and trauma, nonprofits are struggling mightily. The pandemic and economic collapse constitute an existential threat. There’s no guarantee that the public will receive our services, now or in the future, or that staff members—the face and heart of every organization—will retain their jobs. Everything is uncertain. Everyone is on edge.

Much will depend on money. In the weeks and months ahead, nonprofits will need a major infusion of cash to keep staff on the payroll, to pay rent and utilities, to provide a semblance of services during this period of social isolation, and, simply, to survive. Many will be helped by the recently passed CARES Act, and many are already benefiting from foundations that are accelerating the distribution of grant commitments, removing restrictions, and easing reporting requirements. That’s providing a bit of oxygen in the short term, but none of us knows what will happen in the sector in the longer term, or which organizations will survive. When I ask nonprofit CEOs how they’re doing, virtually everyone leads with the word stressed.

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By Alessandra Leone
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