The Minority-Majority Shift: Two Decades That Will Change America— Tech World Faces A Reboot – Forbes

Written by Isaac Mizrahi

When I started working on this article about the impact of the demographic changes we are facing in America from a technological standpoint, I quickly realized that the information was rich enough to fill, not just an article, but rather, a whole book.

I have summarized below some of the key trends and discussions impacting brands and marketers as a result of the convergence of technological advancements and changing demographics:

Minorities Over-Indexing in New Tech Adoption

What makes the subject of this article especially rich is the fact that minority segments over-index on technology usage, which makes some experts call these consumers “technology optimists.”

Furthermore, these minority users tend to be early adopters and influencers when it comes to setting the trends that may impact the broader marketplace.

We believe that in the coming decades the demographic changes in America will further accelerate this trend, and the manufacturers and retailers that dedicate a disproportional amount of resources to understanding the target’s needs and behaviors will be in a strong position to win in the marketplace.

The good news is that some leading tech companies have started to expand the concept of multicultural marketing, also considering their product development process. I spoke with Annie Jean-Baptiste, Head of Product Inclusion at Google, who described her company’s approach to achieve that:

“Google’s goal is to create products that reflect all of our users — no matter who they are or where they live. In order to do that, diversity and inclusion has to be a commitment both as it relates to an organization’s culture and in its processes. Product Inclusion is about bringing an inclusive lens to the product design process so that perspectives from underrepresented users are highlighted, leading to better outcomes for everyone. We’ve done research on the business case for inclusion, and both underrepresented and majority consumers prefer inclusive products.”

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