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Written by Alton Zenon III

Almost 90 percent of job seekers say a company’s culture is of at least relative importance to them in their job search, according to research by Jobvite. And around 50 percent of job seekers view a company’s culture as “very important,” with 15 percent of respondents saying they have even turned down job offers because of it.

“Company culture” is more than a buzzword or a list of adjectives used to vaguely describe an office environment. It’s the foundation for what makes team members want to come to work every day. Culture defines how team members interact while collaborating in conference rooms or catching up at the coffee machine. It’s what helps lead to the success of a business: If teams are having a great time at work, it shows in their output.

The following Boston tech teams know the importance of being intentional in creating their company cultures. Some of the ways they ensure theirs are worth rallying around? A focus on continuously learning from peers, being kind and embracing a love of music.

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By Maria Ordonez
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