The Importance of World Events in Interviews

By: Palak Warikoo

As a Finance concentrator in Questrom, I’m frequently following what is happening in the US market. However, something important that I’ve learned, and that you can see happening recently too, is that there are so many crucial events that happen across the world that shape and influence the US market. Following and looking to try to understand these impacts can not only help your financial knowledge, but can also be useful as you participate in financial interviews.

In today’s market, one of the most prevalent news headlines includes the Novel Coronavirus. In this past week, the Dow has dropped around 1,200 points and nearly $2 Trillion of wealth has been wiped out in the Global Capital Markets. Making the US stock market one of the hardest impacted markets. This illustrates just how many factors can influence the market, especially ones that are global.

The world today is so connected, a murmur across the world can continue and by the time that murmur hits the US markets, it can become a tsunami. By looking outside the US you can not only begin to see how events can shape the markets, but you can also use this information to help demonstrate your research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. In following a news trend and/or market impact, you can illustrate a keen financial interest and perhaps provide an answer or question in an interview that is outside of the box. Financial interviews will often ask about a stock you are following or your thoughts on the current market. In being aware of global factors you can expand your answer and show a wider sense of thinking. Especially if you are looking at a global finance role, knowing how a prevalent issue is effecting worldwide markets is imperative.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you are up to date on market trends, potentially global impacts, and always be researching and following fluctuations. Best of luck out there with interviews and don’t forget to wash your hands!

By Trish Harper