Asking the Right Questions in an Interview

By: Jyoti Devagupta

As recruiting stays in swing, it’s helpful to have a few extra tips on how to really knock your interview out of the park. One of the most important parts of the interview is when they ask you if you have any questions. If you ask the right questions, this will impress the interviewer and show your interest in the role and company. It can make all the difference when the recruiter is deciding between two candidates!

Do Your Research

This sounds like a given, but while you’re doing your research on the company to prep for the questions YOU’LL be asked, also prep for the questions you’ll ask. Form questions based on actual ones that arise while researching their company, position, or website. A few areas to ask questions on can be: current events, recent changes in the company, company culture, your interviewer’s position or path, etc.

Asking specific questions based on the area/role your interviewer works in can be very impressive. For example, if you know from your research that your interviewer works in a certain product market in banking, you can ask some questions on current stock prices or market trends in that specific market. This not only conveys your interest in the position, but also your work ethic as you took the initiative to learn beforehand and go the extra step.

Follow Your Instincts

Throughout the interview, you may form questions based on what the interviewer is saying and the questions you are asked. All good interviews should flow, and if you have a question on a topic or word that the interview uses, you should ask it. Curiosity is a baseline for inquisitiveness, passion, and many other characteristics that most companies look for in a candidate.

A common, albeit unfounded, opinion is that asking questions based on what an interviewer has asked or mentioned makes people seem ignorant or like they aren’t prepared. This absolutely isn’t true when it comes to an interview though. Asking for clarification or follow-up about a topic introduced can show listening skills, interest, and a comfort with shifting the conversation.


Keep asking good questions and keep finding the good questions to ask. If you need help or advice on what’s applicable to ask or general prep for an interview, be sure to visit the UDC! Best of luck in your interviews!

By Trish Harper