Behavioral Interview Tips

By: Jyoti Devagupta

As spring semester begins to ramp up and recruiting season is in full swing, it is a good time to bring up a few tips that I have learned while answering behavioral questions.

  1. Practicing a Genuine and Specific Answer (in the STAR format)

Behavioral questions are asked with the purpose of assessing if the candidate is the right fit for the team, job, and firm. One of the best ways to answer a behavioral interview question is the STAR method. STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. This method will help you walk through an answer that provides context, is specific, and shows how you would approach the issue or behavior genuinely. Think about some of your previous experiences and begin to practice key traits, actions, or abilities that you feel you took away from each. This will help provide ideas about where you can pull answers from depending on the question asked. If you are curious about sample behavioral interview questions or why recruiters are asking them, check out the behavioral interview section on UDC website here!

  1. Read the Job Description Fully

Before your interview, read the job description fully. You probably read this once during application but reading it again now will help remind you of the skills and qualifications required for the position. During your interview addressing these specific traits will make it easier for the employer to identify if you have the characteristics and expertize that the job requires. Think of specific examples of times that you demonstrated each qualification and practice mentioning it and telling a “STAR” example of it for the interview.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

There are multiple resources available to practice interviews and prepare for the questions you may be asked. To get an idea of questions, you can use some of the resources mentioned previously and use sites like Glassdoor, Vault, or Handshake to see what questions others reported being asked for that specific role or company. If you’re looking for ways to practice these answers, try using Big Interview (listed on your Resources page in Handshake). Big Interview is a resource you have unlimited access to as a BU student, and it allows you to record yourself answering various questions. By watching your own recording, you may be able to notice mistakes you wouldn’t have while practicing just audibly. Additionally, you can also schedule a mock interview with a Career Advisor using Handshake. However, you choose to prepare, be sure to put in the practice to help make sure you’re feeling confident and ready when the big day arrives.

By Trish Harper