Making the Most of CORE and Your Search

By: Derek Yun & Lucas Mears

Use Time Management. A lot. –

Core is a lot.  It is just the reality of the class and the structure of it. Along with that, you are responsible for yourself and have a responsibility to your team members more so than in any academic project before. For most students, you will also be internship or job searching on top of all that. The only way to juggle it all is to make a deliberate effort to add internship and job searches to your schedule.  Without set times to search for these opportunities, it will not happen.  Schedule search/application time in your calendar, search Handshake from the app while on the bus, quick apply to companies on LinkedIn when waiting for group meetings to start- use free time to your advantage!

Take Advantage of Networking –

Core means you are with the same team in the same class with the same professors every day and every week. While it might sound repetitive, it’s actually an incredible opportunity to meet and get to know people and professors in various areas. Bonding with your team will help in a lot of different elements of core. In terms of job and internship searches, however, it can also provide you connections and resources to different opportunities. Also, by sharing that you are searching, it allows your team to understand that you may have to miss some meetings for interviews or other opportunities. While your team is the group you will get closest to during core, you also have the same classmates throughout the semester too. Take advantage of all of these connections!

Recognize the Gains

For many, the Core experience is the most challenging academic curriculum they have gone through, but there is also a lot gained from the experience. One huge takeaway is the relationships you create with your teammates and the shared experience you now have with other students. Your teammates make the Core experience and may even end up becoming some of the closest friends you make. There will be highs and lows as you go through your project, endless meetings, classes, mid terms, and everything in between. However, it’s those highs and lows that bond your team, fellow Core students, and all students who have taken it, together. This is great to not only build lasting friendships, but it’s also a great common denominator as you talk with other students or alumni of Questrom.

Another plus is the skills you gain and the ability to use Core on your resume and/or in interviews. The Core project is a depth of technical and soft skills that you can always be utilizing. For some, it is also the first introduction to what work in a certain industry may look like which can help clarify career goals or even concentration choices. These are invaluable insights to have before starting your full time job search.

Core is a hard yet rewarding experience. Take advantage of all the opportunities Core can bring. And for those of us getting ready for Core finals and presentations, good luck and you got this!!

By Trish Harper