These Target Experts are Sharing Their Cyber Smarts to Keep the Industry Secure – Target

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Target’s cybersecurity team of hundreds of experts works round the clock to keep our company and guests’ data secure. Over the past handful of years, they’ve paved the way as Target built a strong cybersecurity “muscle”—investing significantly in resources (like tools, systems, teams and trainings) and forging partnerships with other companies and industry groups.

Check out a few recent examples of how our team collaborates with partners to encourage diversity across the cybersecurity field, and help the rest of the industry develop stronger skills and capabilities.

Putting our plans to the test

With the technology landscape growing more complex than ever, it’s important to be well-trained and ready to respond to any situation. That’s serious business, but our teams stay on their toes with a simple process … and a bit of game time.

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By Molly Raddant
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