Bevi Re-envisions How We Drink Water and Seltzer – Greentown Labs

Written by Reena Karasin

The Bevi co-founders realized that when it came to bottled water, people’s behavior didn’t make economic sense: They were paying a high markup when they could get the same thing from their taps.

“Buying a single-use, plastic bottle of water, it’s not an economic decision,” explains Bevi Co-founder Sean Grundy. “That knowledge gave us a lot of confidence. We knew we had economics on our side. People can’t be making the choice to drink bottled beverages as a rational, cost-saving choice—it’s got to be either a result of convenience or a result of brand, the conception that beverages in single-use, plastic bottles are higher quality, or the result of some kind of misinformation, like fear of filtered tap water. And those were areas where we thought we could compete.”

They were right. Bevi machines have served over 100 million bottles’ worth of water and seltzer since the company’s founding, a number that’s now growing by more than 10 million each month. Bevi has machines in dozens of states and employs about 120 people.

The internet-connected machines mix flavorings into water on-demand, making them the perfect replacement for a fridge stocked with seltzer and bottled water—which saves not only packaging but the fuel needed to deliver beverages. Bevi makes maintenance easy by monitoring the machines’ supply levels and service needs.

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