5 Tips to Thank You Notes

By: Jyoti Devagupta

As interviewing season starts to ramp up, it seemed like a good time to talk about how to write a genuine and thoughtful thank you note. After every interview, you should send a thank you note that is personalized and thoughtful. Here are a few things I like to keep in mind when writing a memorable thank you note:

1. Send One Within 24 Hours of the Interview

Make sure you send a thank you note to each interviewer with in a day of the interview, this shows time management, punctuality, and demonstrates strong continued interest in the positon and company. In addition, it helps to send the note quickly so you are still fresh in the recruiter’s mind and can leave a good impression attached to your name.

  1. Mention Something Specific in the Note

It is always crucial to mention a specific detail that you discussed in your interview in order to make the thank you note more personalized. For example, if they discussed with you what a regular day looks like in their position, you can write in the thank you email: “I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and giving me a bit of insight on what the typical duties consist of in the role of an accountant. I found it really ____ when you mentioned ____ and I look forward to ____” This will help the interviewer with remembering your name, and it will also demonstrate that you were paying close attention during the interview.

  1. Express Your Continued Interest in the Company

While this seems like a given, it’s easy to forget to add this in and simply say thank you. Always close the email expressing interest in the company while thanking the interviewer for their time. Employers like to see that you are excited about the opportunity and company you are applying too. Writing it in the thank you note emphasizes this and shows genuine interest in the company.

  1. Proof Read to Make Sure There are No Spelling Errors

Always proof read your emails before you send. This is a crucial detail that cannot be overlooked. Spell check is great, but it doesn’t always catch every mistake. Try reading your email backwards or have someone else look it over to make sure you catch everything.


These are the few major points to keep in mind when crafting a good thank you note. If you need additional tips or samples, check out the interviewing thank you note guide on our website or come by for drop in hours for further advice and tips!

By Trish Harper