Viewpoint: Why your company should support Coming Out Day – Boston Business Journal

Written by Emma Brudner

Friday, Oct. 11, is National Coming Out Day. This year marks the 31st observance, and while much has changed for the LGBT community in those decades, other things have stayed the same. Coming out is a heavy decision still fraught with fear for many. Openly identifying — or being identified — as LGBT still carries the potential to compromise people’s relationships, careers, or even their safety.

Celebrating National Coming Out Day is important, not just to recognize and validate experiences, but also to create community that makes coming out safe for others. In the words of Sharon McGowan, “Every LGBT person who decides to come out and speak their truth makes a powerful decision to reject the shame that others would cast upon them, and in doing so, takes a step in the direction of justice and equality.”

However, the onus to drive change doesn’t, and shouldn’t, rest solely on the actions of individuals, or on members of the LGBT population. As company leaders, how can we do our part of the heavy lifting to create workplaces where everyone feels safe, seen, and accepted? Here are a few reasons why company culture should support an employee’s who are coming out.

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By Alessandra Leone
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