Help Wanted: Tech Talent With Soft Skills – Deloitte Insights WSJ

Written by Khalid Klark

Many CIOs and other technology and business leaders are moving away from traditional operating models that isolate business and technology functions, favoring instead those that feature highly collaborative business and technology teams jointly creating business value. As technology work is increasingly shared across multiple functions, the technology workforce’s skills and proficiencies should evolve in tandem.

Yet 51% of CIOs surveyed in a recent Deloitte report on Industry 4.0 readiness cite a significant mismatch between current competencies and future needs. As machines automate much tactical, algorithmic, and structured work over time, human talent can have access to more imaginative and strategic work. In this environment, soft skills—enduring, essentially human traits that machines can’t replicate—become more valuable, with many technology leaders looking to augment traditional technology expertise with capabilities that can foster innovation and collaboration.

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By Alessandra Leone
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