Sustainable Leaders Reducing the Impact of Agriculture on Climate Change – B the Change

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A recently released U.N. report warned that the world’s food supply faces a threat from the climate crisis, as rising global temperatures threaten soil health and the future of our planet and its inhabitants. More than 500 million people live in areas affected by erosion linked to climate change and more than 800 million people are food insecure, yet nearly a third of the global food supply is wasted or lost.

When it comes to an issue affecting human survival like food and drink, those numbers don’t add up — and as the U.N. report notes, businesses and agricultural leaders must play a role in confronting and resolving these challenges.

Among those answering this call to action on the impact of agriculture on climate change are Certified B Corporations in the food and drink industry that with their partners are developing and advancing sustainable production practices. These sustainable leaders include Patagonia Provisions, a division of outdoor apparel retailer Patagonia, a longtime leader in environmental and social issues and a Best For The World honoree in the Overall, Changemaker, Community, and Environment categories.

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By Molly Raddant
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