Instagram has created an app for instant messaging with people on your Close Friends list in an attempt to best Snapchat – Business Insider

Facebook has debuted a standalone app just for Instagram users to exchange messages and photos with those on their Close Friends list.

The app is called Threads, and it’s available starting today on both iOS and Android devices. Threads is designed as a private, dedicated space for communicating with the people you talk to the most on Instagram.

Yet Threads offers a bit more than just a separate place for talking to your Close Friends, a feature Instagram introduced in November 2018 to let users share more intimate Stories with a select group of followers.

Threads also has the option for users to create a short status — similar to what you would put on your AIM profile back in the day— to offer context to your Close Friends about where you are or what you’re doing. Additionally, there’s an option to turn on “auto-status,” which will let Threads automatically update your status using your device’s battery life, real-time location, and network connection. That means Threads will be able to tell your Close Friends that you’re charging your phone, or driving, or at work if you let it.

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By Alessandra Leone
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