AI as a Creation Engine – Deloitte CIO Insights & Analysis

Written by David Jarvis

AI is poised to have an increasing influence on the way companies create new content, paving the way for new forms of human-machine collaboration.

AI is maturing at varying rates around the world, with some organizations using these technologies—including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision—to support external and internal organizational capabilities. For media and entertainment companies and other content producers in particular, AI may also offer a startling range of possibilities for the creative process, enabling individuals and businesses to generate new content with minimized human input.

In a global analysis based on Deloitte’s most recent State of AI in the Enterprise survey, early adopters were asked to identify the primary benefits of implementing AI in their organizations.¹ Respondents say using AI to enhance existing products and services is their most sought-after externally focused benefit, with 43% ranking it in their top three, while 31% prioritize using it to optimize external processes. The top internally focused benefit, meanwhile, is optimizing business operations, with 41% placing it among their top three choices, followed by using AI to make better decisions, cited by 34% of respondents.

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By Alessandra Leone
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