Following Up After the Career Fair

By: Lucas Mears

Career fairs can be tough. The prep, the research, navigating the crowds, talking to employers, giving your pitch, it isn’t easy. When the fair is over, you might think all the work is over too. It’s not. While it can feel daunting to do more after so much preparation and effort, post career fair actions can make big impacts. Below are some tips about how to follow up with companies.

1- Follow up with recruiters!

Hopefully, you were able to meet and talk to multiple recruiters at the career fair. Now is the time to look back at your notes or recall the questions, answers, and conversations you had and use those in your follow up email. It may feel overwhelming to think about emailing every person and company you talked to at the event, but take the time to sketch out a general follow-up/thank you email and the insert the different elements or talking points for each recruiter or company representative.

2- Prepare a general follow-up email

Sometimes it’s easiest to make a skeleton email first and then make changes to have it be more personable and tailored for whomever it is being sent to. A rough skeleton might look something like this, in terms of what would be included. Remember to keep it brief and don’t repeat verbatim from a resume or cover letter.

Hello (company or recruiter),

Reintroduce yourself and thank them for taking their time to speak with you at the career fair (be specific, mention where the fair was and the date). Briefly recap your interest in their company, industry, or position.

Mention something specific that you learned or discussed with the representative here. If applicable, mention relevant experiences, skills, or values that tie to what you spoke about. If they indicated any next steps (applying via Handshake, emailing someone specific, etc.) be sure to mention youve done those or will do them.

Close by saying that it was, once again, a pleasure to meet them. Express excitement and eagerness to continue interactions.

3- Following up on following up

After these emails are sent, once again it could feel like you are done. However, you’ll want to circle back to these recruiters when it makes sense. Don’t annoy them, but don’t feel like you can’t follow up again when it’s relevant. For example, maybe they suggested a class or building of a certain skill. When you’ve completed that class or skill building opportunity, reach back out and let them know you’ve done so. Thank them for the tip and mention that you look forward to applying in the future, seeing them again, learning more about the industry, etc. This is a great way to remind them of who you are and the interaction you had.


All of this might seem repetitive or like a lot, but the point of following up is to stay on their radar and remind them of you/your interest. Whether you had a great in-depth conversation or a short and more direct conversation, reminding a recruiter of who are, why you care, and giving them an avenue to reach back out to you will always help make you stand out and ensure that they know how interested you are.

By Trish Harper