Amazon wants to set Alexa free – The Verge

Written by Tom Warren

Every day, I use Alexa to turn on my lights, switch TV channels, and set timers when I’m cooking. Amazon’s digital assistant is the center of my smart home, but once I step out of the house, Alexa might as well be dead to me.

Like many in the US, I use an iPhone that’s tightly controlled by Apple. Sure, there’s an Alexa app I can use, but I can’t summon the digital assistant with the regular “Alexa” on my iPhone, so I mostly use the app to tweak Alexa settings. Things are slightly better in the Android world where you can set Alexa as the default device assistant, but you still can’t easily summon it with a wake word.

For all of Amazon’s advancements with Alexa, it’s still very much a voice assistant that lives inside your home, but there are plenty of signs that Amazon wants to set Alexa free.

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By Alessandra Leone
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