Trump and his ilk clash with the global climate movement – Today’s WorldView from The Washington Post

Written by Ishaan Tharoor.

The scenes spoke for themselves. From Moscow to Manhattan, millions around the world marched in one of the largest youth-led demonstrations in history. Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg, whose solitary protests triggered a global movement, championed environmental action in front of tens of thousands in New York City. Close to 300,000 people massed near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. In the Solomon Islands, threatened by a rising ocean, students rowed to protests in longboats.

The coordinated “climate strike” in more that 150 countries delivered an unmistakable message to world leaders convening this week at the United Nations. In the West, including the United States, opinion polls show majorities — especially among young populations — in favor of substantive government action to address global warming. And there’s an urgency for that action.

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By Molly Raddant
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