Creating Your Pitch

By: Palak Warikoo

A career fair pitch, or an “elevator pitch”, is a short 30 second introduction about yourself to open the door to a more detailed conversation. It serves as an excellent opportunity to make a first impression with a potential employer and a great pivot point to use to learn more. You’ll want to be specific in details regarding your background in relation to what the employer is looking for or industry they are in. Try to be concise, but not abrupt. By doing your research in preparing for the career fair beforehand you can cater your pitch to specific companies and, as discussed in tips to navigate the career fair, you can figure out what companies you want to hone your pitch on.

Traditionally, in a pitch you are going to want to include your name, class year, and concentration if you know it. You’ll want to share why you are interested in the company or role and perhaps a few skills/experiences that align with that. Then you want to finish with a call to action or question. This allows the recruiter to understand more about your background, what you’re interested in, and to help create a more unique conversation. Be sure to listen carefully to their answer not only to enhance your understanding, but also to assess if you want to ask follow up questions and what those may be.

Your pitch is your opportunity to introduce yourself and start a conversation, be sure to practice it and tailor it! At the career fair, the UDC Career team will have a few pitch templates you can use, and you are also more than welcome to come try your pitch out on one of the Career Advisors before going into the fair and using it live. If you’re curious about what should be in a pitch, this template below can serve as a quick guide.

“Hello, my name is ____________ and I am currently a ­­­­­­­­­­__________ here at Questrom. I chose to study __________ because ___________. I became keenly interested in _________ when I ___________. Most recently I’ve been involved in _______ which has allowed me to enhance my_______. This past summer I was a _______. Doing this helped developed a keen understanding of ______, which is motivating me to apply to _____(role at company or company you’re speaking to). Could you tell me a bit about what you are looking for in a competitive candidate for ______?

Rework the content and flow to find what works best for you. Make sure it feels natural and not rushed. At the end of the day just remember, you’re talking about you and no one knows you and your skills or interests quite like you. Best of luck on Wednesday and on using your pitch at more events in the future!

By Trish Harper