Mastering the duality of digital: How companies withstand disruption – McKinsey Digital

Written by McKinsey Digital

McKinsey research shows that established companies win by addressing digital strategy’s dual imperatives: building new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations.

For established companies in an increasingly digital world, making incremental changes to long-standing business models isn’t enough to succeed. To sustain growth in the face of disruptive threats from digital challengers, incumbent companies must overcome two challenges at the same time: innovating with new digital businesses while also digitizing core holdings. The findings of multiple McKinsey Global Surveys on digitization show the defining elements of strategies and operating models that are built for this duality of digital.

Balancing the dual imperatives of digital can be difficult but exceptionally rewarding. According to respondents to a McKinsey survey on digital strategy, digitized incumbents—companies that are more than 20 percent digital and are launching new digital businesses while transforming the core—are twice as likely as traditional incumbents to experience organic-revenue growth of 25 percent or higher (see sidebar, “The digital landscape”).

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By Alessandra Leone
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