How to Rehearse for an Important Presentation – Harvard Business Review

Written by Carmine Gallo

Steve Jobs was the most astonishing business speaker of his time. Bill Gates once called him a “wizard” who “cast spells” on his audience. Fortune magazine proclaimed that his keynotes could set “hardened hearts aflutter.” Jobs is one of the few CEOs whose presentations have a dedicated Wikipedia page; his keynotes alone could spark a surge in Apple’s stock.

But if you pull back the curtain, you can understand why his presentations were so magical: practice, and lots of it. “Most people don’t realize that what looked spontaneous was rehearsed over and over and over,” John Sculley, the former Apple CEO, told me. “Steve thought about every word, every step, every demo.”

The best speakers make presentations look effortless precisely because they put so much effort into perfecting their delivery.

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By Alessandra Leone
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