Ten Ways Your Summer Internship Or Temp Job Enhances Your Career Even If You Don’t Get Hired Full-Time – Forbes

Written by Caroline Ceniza-Levine

I am a volunteer mentor with American Corporate Partners, which matches mentors to military veterans and veteran spouses looking to transition into civilian employment. I recently heard from my mentee, who is doing a summer internship with a Fortune 50 company.

While he seems to be doing well, there is no guarantee that an internship or temporary job will convert to full-time employment. When I oversaw internship hiring for a global media company, we didn’t convert many interns who did well, simply because there wasn’t a full-time opening that coincided with the end of the internship. It wasn’t a reflection on the intern.

Conversion or not, temp experience on its own contributes to improved job prospects, professional development, and more self-awareness.

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By Maria Ordonez
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