The Untapped Value Of Honesty In Business Financing – Forbes

Written by Jared Weitz

I’ve noticed that honesty has taken an increasingly prevalent role in newer business models across myriad industries. This isn’t much of a surprise because industry giants are typically not known for their integrity or moral fiber. The lack of honesty created a void that needed to be filled, even in finance. It’s not as if people are yearning for cold, hard truths. They just want sales representatives and account managers to mean what they are saying when they sell their products or services.

I can attest that honesty has been a major component to the success of my business financing company. As I advanced my career, I began to realize that I was lucky enough to be in a field where it’s actually possible to be 100% truthful with potential clients. I believe that if more business financing companies capitalized on this advantage, more small businesses would be less hesitant to work with them.

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By Maria Ordonez
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