5 things you should know about natural climate solutions – Quantis

As the urgent call for ambitious climate action rings, companies are beginning to grasp the enormous potential of natural climate solutions (NCS) to strengthen their carbon strategies and provide a biological bridge to a resilient future. The recently released Accounting for Natural Climate Solutions Guidanceempowers sustainability teams to assess and track their land-based GHG impacts and reduction opportunities and focus their efforts where they matter most. To demystify the process and put your company on the right path, we’ve outlined five things businesses need to know to activate natural climate solutions and transform their production systems into models that are sustainable and regenerative.

The synergy is clear: Aligning a company’s forest and land targets with a bold climate strategy gives forest and climate teams the opportunity to work together, to capture the climate value of forest initiatives already in place, and to focus efforts where the impact is greatest.

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By Maria Ordonez
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