Pathways to Progress for Women Entrepreneurs – MIT Sloan Management Review

Written by Whitney Sales

Female founders, particularly in B2B startup companies, face unique challenges when it comes to gaining funding and support.

When we look at the challenges women face in entrepreneurship today, the discussion often involves the tech sector as a whole. This misses a deeper problem.

Although women are making gains in B2C startups, with women-founded Stitch Fix and Eventbrite going public in the last 12 months, women remain further behind when it comes to starting B2B companies. A 2018 analysis by Quartz that looked at the top 351 male- and female-led startups since 2013 found that only 2% of female entrepreneurs are founding B2B companies, compared with 12% of men.

As general partner of an accelerator that focuses its efforts in B2B, I see the barriers preventing women from making the leap to become founders — especially in the software as a service (SaaS) market, which is expected to reach $186 billion by 2024, most of it with B2B companies.

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By Maria Ordonez
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