Women in the healthcare industry – McKinsey & Co.

Written by Gretchen Berlin, Lucia Darino, Megan Greenfield, and Irina Starikova

To see how the healthcare sector stacks up on gender equality, we look at employee experiences, policies, and the effectiveness of industry programs intended to promote diversity and inclusion.

How does the healthcare sector stack up on gender equality? To answer that question, we look at pipeline practices, employee experiences, and policies and programs the industry has implemented to promote diversity and inclusion. We also hear from industry leaders on what it takes to accelerate change across the sector.

Our research for Women in the Workplace, a collaborative initiative between Lean In and McKinsey, attempts to create a definitive fact base on women’s advancement in leadership. In addition to the 33 healthcare companies for which we have pipeline data, we surveyed more than 10,848 employees at 11 healthcare companies and interviewed ten senior executives in North America. Although the data are based on North American research, we believe the insights and implications are relevant globally.

Women, especially women of color, remain underrepresented in leadership positions, and not only at the highest levels.

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By Maria Ordonez
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