The Best Events I Went To….


By: Sanya Seth

Sanya is one of our Senior CSCs and is graduating this May. We’re going to miss her expertise in so many capacities. Thank you for all of your help, hard work, and incredibly valuable advice and insights. We can’t wait to see all you are going to accomplish. Check out below for Sanya’s 3 favorite career events she valued most during her four years at Questrom.


As a current senior, there are numerous events on campus and in Questrom that I participated in over the past four years. Understanding what events are relevant to you, your subject of study, or your future career is not easy, but Questrom and BU provide many opportunities for students to engage, network, and learn. Looking back, I picked three of my favorite events that I would encourage students to attend as well!

Questrom Undergraduate Career Fair

The Questrom Undergraduate Career Fair gives students the chance to meet a variety of employers in multiple industries in one location. I always appreciated the time that representatives of organizations took to discuss different roles and opportunities, and shed light about specific requirements and potential career paths. Career fairs are also a great stepping-stone to finding an internship or a full-time position, and for practicing your networking skills. Make sure to bring copies of your resume and dress professionally, and map out ahead of time which firms you are interested in speaking with so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

Concentration Speaker Series

 The Concentration Speaker Series in Questrom has evolved over the past four years. Originally a “pop-up” event, the Concentration Speaker Series now features a panel comprised of faculty, alumni, and current students to shed light on the different concentrations available to pursue, and how one differs from the other. These events helped me decipher and decide on my concentrations, and showed me how I could successfully pursue more than one functional concentration should I want to. For anyone unclear about what concentration makes the most sense for certain interests, goals, nature of coursework and the like. I definitely recommend a Concentration Speaker Series to get quick and effective information to help you gain clarity regarding concentrations.

Club Organized Events

Student organized clubs in Questrom offer MULTIPLE opportunities for students to engage in specific industry-related experiences. Whether it’s training to use a specific skill, providing unique field/industry knowledge, or just networking with professionals in a career space of interest. You do not necessarily have to become a member of a Questrom club, but I found it incredibly beneficial to get involved in an organization that I was passionate about during my time here. It not only allowed me to practice skills I’d use in my future career, but also provided me excellent content for a resume, in my interviews, and to clarify my career goals in a real way. My favorite student run events have been BU Consulting Group’s annual “Consulting Conference”, and BU Finance and Investment Club’s “Your Future in Finance.” Both events offer exceptional exposure to the fields of consulting and finance, respectively, and the days typically consist of different speaker panels, networking, and personal career development opportunities. In my opinion, these types of events give students a unique opportunity to deep dive into various industry-related topics, develop and learn about certain soft-and hard skills, and grow their connections through open networking.

Everyone’s time at Questrom and Boston University may be spent differently. Find the things that you enjoy and work for you! Don’t be afraid to try new events, new skills, new experiences, and new opportunities. There is something for everyone! Good luck and enjoy it!

By Trish Harper