3 Tips for Final Round Interviews


By: Jyoti Devagupta

3 Final Round Interview Tips

As you approach the final round of the interview process, the firm or company is making sure you are the right fit in everything from office culture to having the skills to be successful in the role. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to crush the final round:

You made it this far for a reason!! Be yourself.

Everyone is usually nervous for a final round interview; however, this should be the least stressful round because you made it that far! If you’re in the last rounds, they clearly view you as a good fit, now you just have to solidify it. Part of doing this is bringing your genuine self to the table and letting your personality shine through. Yes, they are technically interviewing you one last time, but this is also your chance to make sure you feel comfortable with the environment and the culture of the firm too.

Prepare a few special questions for the end of your Interview

It is likely you know a lot of information about the company at this point; however, it is important to still ask questions in the final round interview. If you get the names of the employees who are interviewing you beforehand, you should do some quick research on them and ask questions detailed to their role, path, or experience. This will allow you to cultivate a more personal conversation and talk about things relevant to both of you. This is sometimes the most valuable piece of the interview. It shows you are continuing to learn about the firm, employees, and the industry, while also showing your ability to put in the extra effort and detail. Additionally, this is a good way to gain advice and tips for your future career and start envisioning what your growth could look like with the firm.

Make note of how you are feeling during the final round.

As mentioned before, the interview goes both ways. Final round interviews are your last chance to make sure you feel a spark with the company in multiple aspects. Is the role doing something you’re genuinely interested in and excited about? Would you manager(s) fit with how you like to be mentored and led? Does the organization have an office culture that vibes with you? Finding a good fit is key to your long-term happiness for your future! Do not ignore your feelings about any aspect of the interview!

No matter what though, remember that for as stressful as it may be, it’s also incredibly exciting and a confidence boost to have made it that far. Good luck and don’t forget to smile!

By Trish Harper