How to Ask Good Questions During An Interview

By: Jyoti Devagupta

As recruiting season begins to ramp back up, I thought I would give some good tips on how to knock your interview out of the park. I am also here to squash the belief that asking questions in an interview makes you seem not knowledgeable.  One of the most important parts of the interview is when they ask you if YOU have any questions. If you ask the right questions, this will not only impress the interviewer even more than they already are, but could possibly make all the difference when the recruiter is deciding between two candidates. This is one of the most critical parts of an interview to make sure you come prepared for! Not sure what to ask? Here are my suggestions of where to find a few questions from:

Research the company/firm you are interviewing for!

When you research the company, you can form your questions based on ones you may have while looking at their website. For example, are there current events discussed you would want to know more about? Have there been recent changes in the company and you want to know how that has effected them internally or externally? Do they talk about a specific company culture and you’re curious what that might look like in day-to-day operations? These are good ways to show your interest in the company, while displaying that you’ve done your research.

If you can, learn more about your interviewer!

Asking specific questions based on the role or area your interviewer works in can be very impressive. For example, if you know from your research that your interviewer works in a certain product market in banking, you can ask questions on current stock performances or market trends in that specific area. Alternatively, perhaps they’ve had an interesting career path within or outside of the company and you want to learn more about their journey or takeaways. This not only conveys your interest in the position, but also your work ethic as you were engaged to go the extra mile to learn about the interviewer beforehand.

Use the interview itself!

Throughout the interview, you may form questions based on what the interviewer has said or questions you were asked. All good interviews should have a natural sort of flow to them, and if you have a question about a topic or term that the interviewer used, you should ask it. Being curious is a trait that recruiters are often looking for. Curiosity is a baseline for inquisitiveness, passion, and problem solving.

Questions are supposed to be part of the interview, not just from them, but from you too! Questions you ask can say a lot about your interest in the company or role, conversational skills, and analytical abilities. So make sure you come prepared with questions and stay curious! If you ever want to review your questions or get advice for other areas to brainstorm questions from, come to UDC for small tips and tricks!

By Trish Harper