Give to Grow- The Art of Networking –

As I start a new adventure with Waypoint Robotics and take what may be a permanent pause on P.H. Koules Consulting, the practice I launched 7 years ago, I’m taking time to reflect a bit on my journey. I consider my consulting endeavor a success both financially and more importantly, through the friendships made and many, many lessons learned along the way. My journey was certainly not direct or easy. I spent much time and energy connecting with many interesting and insightful people while figuring out a focus and pathway to profit. All the while I did my best to offer up anything I could to them…like resources, ideas and my connections when possible.

While not the most efficient path, continued, careful networking through a caring and giving approach greatly fueled P.H. Koules Consulting’s growth. I am so immensely grateful for the people I met along the way who took time and energy to help me with thoughtful advice, moral support and useful introductions that propelled me through many doors. This hit home while organizing all of the business cards collected along the way. Reviewing each one reminded me just how important others were in my journey.

Whether you are starting a new career, launching a business venture, searching for clients, or job hunting, expanding your network is critical. Consider this stat: Recruitment experts say that around 75-80% of all jobs filled are never publishedIn other words, if this stat holds true, employers are finding three quarters of all jobs through referrals.

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By Geena Munroe
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