Why building trust and brand belief is key for consulting firms – Consultancy.uk

Over the years, big names in the professional services sector, such as the Big Four giants and strategic firms including McKinsey and BCG, have become even bigger. They’ve also become better at what they do, branching out into new arenas – think of the push into digital marketing, design or legal – while leaving the smaller competition in the dust. According to Peter Carr, a marketing expert at Propero Partners, consultancies can consider brand trust as one means of keeping up with the behemoths or risk fading into the background.

In the professional services industry, it is all about trust. How a consultancy firm conveys this most intangible of qualities to its clients is often the difference between winning or losing a tender. That is because now more than ever, trust is one of the main reasons clients buy services, and the number one reason they don’t if a firm is deemed unprincipled. And because the B2B world is full of seemingly faceless companies essentially selling the same services, how a consultancy is perceived by a client is crucial as to whether or not they are a preference of choice.

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By Geena Munroe
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