The Perks of Joining Clubs and Organizations

By: Sanya Seth

Between meeting many people, taking your favorite classes, and getting involved on campus, college is a time that is ripe with endless opportunities and possibilities. In fact, one of the best ways to make the most out of your college experience is through organization participation. Here are my top reasons why joining a club is a great idea:

You Will Learn About Yourself

Students who are able to balance academia with extracurricular activities not only enhance their time management skills, but can also gain a deeper understanding of their interests and expand personal skills. For example, you may find that you really enjoy analytics or research, but don’t love presenting. This not only can show your interests, but also allow you opportunity to enhance a skill. Whether you work with and learn from others or are placed in situations that encourage your autonomy, you will become more self-aware and it will be beneficial to your future career.

The Opportunity to Network

One of the greatest benefits of joining a student organization is the opportunity to network. Meeting new students, professionals, or recruiters, making connections and building relationships will help you immensely down the line. In addition, there is a high chance that you will share similar interests or passions with your peers, making clubs and organizations a great way to branch out and meet new friends.

Become More Collaborative

Participating in a club on campus will teach you to work well with a team, which is a crucial skill for any career. More likely than not, you will be placed in situations that encourage teamwork and collaboration, with opportunities to lead your peers, manage larger scale projects, and work through team conflicts along the way. This also will allow increased opportunity to experience working toward a shared vision and common cause; something businesses do daily!

You Will Develop Soft Skills (and Technical ones too!)

Soft skills are ones that allow us to effectively interact with others and are what recruiters, regardless of industry, always say are in demand. Clubs and organizations allow you to broaden or improve on those skills (ex: communication, work ethic, time management, teamwork, etc.). Additionally, some groups will introduce technical skills used within various industries and allow you to begin utilizing and enhancing those. Often time, students can begin using technical skills in clubs/orgs before they may have an opportunity to use them in an internship or job setting. Helping make them more competitive and prepared in the search process. Bringing me to my last point….

It Can Increase Your Marketability

The benefits that you gain from joining a club don’t stop once you graduate. The skills, network, and experiences you obtain through your participation often times set you up as a well-rounded and competitive candidate in your job or internships search. Your club/org involvement can build content on your resume, provide examples to draw from in interviews, introduce you to industries you didn’t know about, or even introduce you to roles you hadn’t considered previously.

With the many benefits of joining a club, it is clear that college participation is not only great, but that it also matters. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, it is never too late to get involved, so get out and explore the opportunities that college has to offer! For more information on the various clubs and organizations within Questrom, visit here! For larger, BU wide organizations, click here!

By Trish Harper