Continuing and Expanding the Job or Internship Search

Continuing and Expanding the Job or Internship Search

By: Nia Brazzell

The hunt for the perfect internship or job can be demanding, but don’t lose hope! Keep reading for tips on how to continue the search.

Cast a Wider Net

If you’ve scoured Handshake and didn’t find your match, also check out these job posting sites:

  • Indeed and Monster are two resources that allow you to browse thousands of full-time, positions, internships, volunteer work, etc. In addition, you can upload your resume to be found by recruiters.
  • Browse LinkedIn’s job boards for new opportunities and be sure to take advantage of the “See Similar Jobs” option to broaden your search.
  • StudentLink is great for more than just scheduling classes. Explore the Part-time Jobs board (found under the Work tab) for various internships with local firms.

Take advantage of your network

The faculty in Questrom have amazing industry experience, so utilize their expertise! Investigate who the faculty liaison is for your concentration and stop by their office hours to discuss best practices and opportunities specific to your industry of interest. Often, faculty hear of job opportunities from alumni that may not always be posted on Handshake yet.

Additionally, talk to upperclassmen or alumni. You’ll intersect with a wide range of students/alumni, so don’t be afraid to reach out and access informational interviews!

Everything is an Opportunity

It is easy to tire of the aspects of job hunting that are outside your control, but focus on what you can control and improve. Use this time to polish your resume and cover letter, schedule a mock interview to keep your interview skills fresh, attend info sessions to network and learn about new opportunities. It may also be helpful to set goals for yourself in order to create a level of accountability i.e. apply to X number of jobs or meet with X number of faculty per week.

Stay positive

I’m a huge believer in the “treat yo’self” philosophy. It’s important to celebrate small victories and practice self-care to avoid burnout during the job search. Give yourself a break every now and then and acknowledge the great work you are doing. Your timeline may be different from your peers, but know that everything happens in its time!

By Trish Harper