3 Tips to Avoid Job Search Burn-Out!

Let’s face it, job search is an emotional roller coaster! You see a job you’re excited about, you apply and then never hear back. Or you get an interview, and you don’t get the offer. Not only is it emotionally draining, but at this point of the year, most seniors feel like they’ve been actively searching since their sophomore or junior year. Attending events, career fairs, networking and applications get tiring. Besides, it’s the final few weeks of the school year which needs your focus on finals, having some fun during senior week and of course commencement! But what about after that? How can you motivate and start this process all over again? Here are some tips:

Take a break- That’s right! The best way to approach this is to go in feeling refreshed. Focus on finals, enjoy your senior week and even take a vacation. As long as you check Handshake weekly and still submit your resume for roles you like, that can be enough at this time. Don’t completely stop your search, but take a break from events, networking, adding companies to your list, etc. Have a more passive approach for a few weeks and enjoy this exciting time in your life.

Set weekly goals- It’s hard to stay positive during a job search because applicants usually only feel successful when they land interviews. This is simply NOT TRUE! If your weekly goal is to apply to 10 new positions, find 5 new companies and build 2 new professional connections then that’s success. Setting and achieving weekly goals will not only hold you accountable but will give you a sense of control which helps relieve anxiety.

Don’t job search every day- This will only lead to faster burn-out! When you start feeling ready to be more engaged in your search again (or if you don’t want to take a break), then focus on searching 15-20 hours/week Monday-Thursday. You can spend that time attending events, skill building, talking with recruiters at staffing firms to take on temporary work, volunteering or interning, applying, writing cover letters, and more! There’s plenty you can do with that time, so treat your search more like a part-time job. That said, you should still enjoy sleeping in and have some fun! You will feel still feel productive if you’re truly dedicating this much time and effort to your search.

To develop a more tailored approach that works for you, schedule an appointment with a UDC Career Advisor or just stop in for a walk-in during the month of May!

-Victoria Schroeder

By Vicky Schroeder