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5 tips for outstanding personal branding

The main components needed to achieve a successful personal brand are optimizing your on- and offline presence, creating authority and creating a consistent personal style.  Our personal branding should be adaptable as your career story develops. So keep it alive and the big picture in sight always. Everything you place onto your online profile needs to be directed specifically towards the personal brand you are creating.


5 ways to outstanding personal branding:


1. Design your narrative and use a professional picture. You are in the unique position of standing where you are today, seeing how you got there and focusing on where you are going.  This does not mean just add or provide your CV, but about telling your story and ambitions in a succinct manner.


2. Add keywords that make it clear what your skills are and check out other excelling online profiles that are similar to where you want to go.

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By Geena Munroe
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