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New graduate? Jump on board one of these high flying companies

Graduating students hungry to dive into the startup community (aka StartUpLand) often struggle to select the right, specific opportunity to start their career.

Each spring, I provide a comprehensive list of exciting, growing, hiring startups–both private or recently public–that are worthy of consideration as places to start or continue a career in StartupLand. The criteria for being on the list is subjective but is a mix of fundraising (typically > $10m in the most recent round), scale (typically > 50 employees), momentum (typically growing revenue or users > 50%) and hiring (typically > 10 open reqs, including a number of entry-level positions that would be a fit for recent college or business school graduates).

Before we get into the companies themselves, I suggest checking out my posts Getting Your First Startup Job and Are You Suited For A StartUp? where I give some more detailed advice on how to select the right company for you and position yourself to secure a job.

Once you have reviewed this framework for deciding what you’re looking for, this post will give you a list of over 500 companies to research and approach.


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By Geena Munroe
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