Stop underutilizing LinkedIn

As a former recruiter and LinkedIn aficionado, I have noticed LinkedIn is very underutilized amongst students entering the workforce. It is a tool that should be visited more than any of your other social media pages. Below are a few tips of mine from my personal and professional experience that I have learned during my career.

Share relevant articles

  • Are you looking for a career in the healthcare industry? Finance? Retail? Share newsworthy and relevant articles on your page that mirror the career you are interested in. It is a great way to gain followers, find others who share similar interests and build your network. It shows professionalism and that you take notice of what is going on in today’s workforce. Sharing articles also gives you credibility that you can apply when it comes time to network, interview or use in your daily life. One of the most controversial topics today is drug pricing and those that work in the industry know in many cases that pharmaceuticals are fairly priced to continue manufacturing and further research. It is important to share articles and open the “professional discussion” so that a few bad eggs do not lead to a common misconception across any industry.

Follow your favorite influencers

  • Similar to sharing articles on your page, follow your favorite influencers. LinkedIn uses analytics to suggest articles, influencers, companies, etc that you may be interested in following based on those you already follow. It is a great way to discover companies, and positions that you don’t have the household name. No, I don’t mean your favorite celebrities. Think Simon Sinek, Tara Hunt, anyone from Shark Tank.

Follow professional connections

  • I have seen too many profiles become littered with the same “connections” list as their Facebook. Keep the pages separate. Only connect with people on LinkedIn who are professional connections. LinkedIn is a professional page and should mirror your resume. You don’t want it littered with updates and connections that don’t benefit your professional goals.
  • Once a year clean up your connections. It is okay to remove LinkedIn connections that are no longer relevant to you, don’t share your values or professional goals.

Use LinkedIn NOT only when you need a job

  • To save the best tip for last, stop using LinkedIn only a few times a year when you are job searching. LinkedIn is a tool that should be used weekly if not every day. It is a tool that you should use to network with professionals even when you aren’t job searching. Remember the old saying: The best time to look for a job is when you have one? Well, never stop building your brand, your network. Networking takes time and effort and job openings come up daily so to put this into my favorite Ferris Bueller quote “Jobs move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around LinkedIn once in a while, you could miss it”.
By Michael Glennon
Michael Glennon Industry Relations Manager Michael Glennon