Do’s & Don’t of Video Interviews

Do’s & Don’t of Video InterviewsBy Nia Brazzell

Congratulations! You got your foot in the door and secured a video interview! Here are some tips to help you ace your first impression with recruiters.

DO: Make sure your username and profile picture are professional

In the event that the employer is using Skype to conduct the video interview, ensure your username is a professional representation of you. Now is not the time for DancingQueen58 and your vacation photo to make an appearance. When in doubt, use your name and Linkedin photo.

DO: Pick a clean, well lit, quiet location

Make sure your background is free of distractions: no posters, piles of laundry, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to reserve a team room with the Feld Center or on Questrom Tools. You’ll also want to be in a location with minimal background noise that could keep the recruiter from clearly hearing your responses. This includes cell phone or laptop notifications, noisy roommates, etc.

 DO: Dress for the job you want

Although you are not physically meeting with the recruiter, you still want to make a great first impression. Dress professionally as you would for an in-person interview.

DON’T: Forget to look into the camera

It can be tempting to check yourself out as you’re giving your responses, but make sure you look into the camera and maintain eye contact. If needed, place a post it note next to the camera to remind yourself to look there.

DON’T: Rely heavily on notes

It can be helpful to have post it notes or your resume in front of you for a quick reference, but be sure your responses are not dependent upon your notes. Recruiters want to talk to you, not hear you read from a script.

DON’T: Forget to follow-up

As with all interviews, email recruiters a thank you note within 24 hours.

Now you’re ready for your video interview. Good luck!

By Trish Harper