Say ‘Thank You’, follow up, and check in!

Say ‘Thank You’, Follow Up, and Check-In! – by Sanya Seth

So you completed the job interview. Now what? Following up scares a lot of people, and a lot of job seekers would rather do absolutely nothing than risk making the wrong move. However, thanking the interviewer for their time is one of the most important things to do post-interview.

  1. Thank you notes matter!

Your thank you email allows you to highlight your relevant qualifications, show your enthusiasm for the role, and mention any important details that didn’t come up during the interview. It also gives you an opportunity to stand out with a decision-maker right away. Make sure to send within 24 hours of your meeting! A few thank you note tips:

  • Make sure your note is not overly long; the recipient should not have to scroll to view the entire email.
  • Each person with whom you met with should receive a thank you letter! Take time to personalize each note, pointing to different things you may have discussed.
  • Be sure to complete any next steps that were indicated during your conversation, and mention it in your note.
  1. Following Up

 Maybe it’s been a few days, or weeks, and you haven’t heard back since the interview. Sending a follow-up email is different from a thank you note, and should not be sent to the company after one day! Always give the company a minimum of 2 weeks to get back to you after an interview before reaching out. However, should the company have given you a specific date/timeframe of when decisions would be made by, do not contact them until a week past that date! Here are some more tips:

  • Do not demand, inquire! Mention the position you have applied to, and reiterate your interest at the beginning of the note.
  • If you have a time sensitive deadline, explain why the time push and give the deadline dates so they are aware.
  1. Checking In

 This is different from a follow up and is more an attempt at maintaining a contact. Checking in means offering something of value to your contact and also reminding that you are still interested in the company. You could forward an article that you think the contact would find interesting, or an article highlighting the company. Be sure to only send positive company news, and to keep your note short about why you found it interesting. If you are sharing an article, make sure to mention why you are sharing it with them and call out a point from the article!

By Trish Harper