I have a LinkedIn Account! Now What?

You’ve heard enough about LinkedIn that you have decided to make an account, but how do you use it to your advantage?   This will largely depend on what your goals are!  After you complete your profile (DO THIS FIRST), think about using LinkedIn for more than just internships and jobs! Follow the below tips on how you can use LinkedIn for your benefit:

Company Research  For both learning more about a company and finding companies in your industry area, LinkedIn is a great tool.  You can use this feature to do searches for companies all over the world based on your search criteria, and it even provides a list of similar companies on the lower right side of additional companies you may like based on your searches.  If you are looking to break into a company and need a connection there, LinkedIn will show you who you know that works in that company to help make your network more relevant to your industry area or career aspirations.

Finding Connections  Always use the ‘Advanced Search’ option when you do a search for ‘People’.  You can sort by school, company, job title and location just to name a few.  So if you are looking for connections that are BU Alumni that currently work in NYC, you can easily find them!  The problem is that if you don’t have enough connections to start with you will be limited in who you can add to your network, so the next best thing is to join groups.  Join at least 5 groups including BU and industry-specific groups to get you started then you will have easy access to thousands of connections for free!

Career Path to your Dream Job Ever wonder the career path of someone who has your dream job?  LinkedIn is the perfect place to see it!  After adding the right connections you will have access to their profile and can see what level of education and what experiences they gained to get to their current role.  You can also look at current Questrom students to see how they got their earlier internships that made them more competitive for the internship or entry-level job you want.

The best advice with LinkedIn is to use it!   Regardless of your goal, you should always stay active on Linkedin even if you do not job searching.  Share articles, like others posts, congratulate professionals on their promotions and stay active on your news feed. Building your professional reputation and online brand is important in make a good first impression to employers and new professional contacts.  LinkedIn is a valuable resource for professionals of every level and the sooner you start building your online brand and make connections the more successful you will be in your professional life.

By Vicky Schroeder