MBA Students — Welcome to Questrom Common

Welcome to the Questrom Common!

Questrom has launched a new app Questrom Common,  your gateway to the Questrom graduate student experience.

Questrom  Common allows students to see and register for events, join student organizations, access resources, and connect with the Questrom MBA community in a new and exciting way.

To access the Questrom Common:

  1. Download the app (use the links at right)
  2.  Select the Questrom Common
  3.  Enter your BU email address. You will be emailed a 6-digit code that will allow you to access the app.
  4. Start checking out the new features!

You can also access Questrom Common online at :

There, you can build out your personal profile, see other features, and adjust your notification and privacy settings.


This app is a new handy tool to help you get involved in clubs on campus and to make the most of your experience here at BU!

By Geena Munroe
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